Track Triumphs Against Naval Prep, Hyde and Hebron at Home

Exeter boys' and girls' track dominated last weekend at the meet against Hyde, Hebron Academy and Naval Prep. The boys scored 88 points, just enough to get past Naval Prep’s 76 points, Hyde’s 21 and Hebron’s 5.5.

The girls won by a landslide, scoring 144 points. Their next closest opponent was Hyde, who racked up just 21 points. Hebron’s girls also scored 5.5 points, and the girls’ meet did not include Naval Prep, an all boys school.

Prep Michelle Okeke, who ran the 400 meter, seemed very happy with the team’s dominant performance. “We started really well going in, maybe because there weren’t that many girls competing,” she said.

She continued, “I think we did really well. We improved a lot from the last meet, and our team worked really well together.”

Lower Katie Huffman, who ran the 100 and 300 hurdles, the 100 open and the four-by-four relay, agreed. “We had another good meet on Saturday, with tough competition,” she said. “The team did a great job tough, and a lot of kids came away with new personal records.”

Exeter boys faced an even tougher challenge in the Naval Prep boys, but Big Red pulled through, coming out on top by a slim margin.

“I personally got a little worried for the team, especially the boys, when I saw the Navy athletes,” Okeke joked.

"Navy Prep came, and they were very intimidating and very talented since they are [an] all PG [school], so that was exciting. We won in the end, and that speaks volumes about our team's ability," upper Eve Friedland said.

Huffman praised the team’s ability to kept their spirits high throughout the meet, despite the stiff competition. “The team was really supportive throughout, helping improve the meet and cheering everyone on through their races,” she said.

Both the boys and the girls are looking forward to the meet against rivals Phillips Academy Andover and St. Paul’s School this Saturday.


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