trendwatch: Exonian edition

Hello, Exeter! Here’s to some mid-April sunshine! Campus is all about 333’s, college visits, and much enjoyed minutes on the quad. Also, thank you all (or most of you?) for participating in Community Action Day on Wednesday, how non sibi! We’d like to make sure everyone knows that we’re looking around and looking and looking and looking… sinio we thought that this week we’d offer our sagacious Trendwatch insight.

While it’s impossible to feature all of the incredible items that Stefan Kohli ’14 wears, there is the much-needed mention for his recently acquired Vans. Sporting a print called “Hula Camo,” the shoe features hula dancers, palm trees, and everything else you love about spring. This guy surely causes a scene with his surreal style as the term progresses. Keep an eye out. Also, he has an unreal hair game.

Recently singled from a love affair back home to the delight of the many ladies on campus, Nikhil Chuchra ’14 has been on a tear with good fashion this week. His latest ensemble combined a fresh blue oxford shirt and pink blue socks to produce an all-around great spring outfit. Surprisingly, our bachelor of the week has not been asked to prom. So ladies, ask quickly before he gets snatched up! His side burns have been looking great lately. 

Oliver Jung ’14 looked hyped as always (thanks to five bottles of Mountain Dew) in the Exonian office, wearing basketball shorts and repping a Wentworth tanktop. Always looking good and making her pages look great, Sarah Jang ’14 puts the life into the Life section! Her colorful jackets always make her pop out on campus. History instructor and Exonian adviser Mr. Jordan had no stains on his clothes today, sporting matching socks and a corduroy sports coat. Also Exonian advisers, English instructor Ms. Lazureand History instructor Ms. Dunlavysported classic, yet timeless cool-colored sweaters. 

Nick Storozynski ’13 looked bodacious on Monday as he stepped out of Abbot in a spring green pair of twill vans, a nicely fitting pink shirt, and a stunning poka dot necktie complemented by a blue ribbon belt. We look forward to seeing him at the teas and prom this spring! Ladies, be sure to snap him up as a date now; he will be hard to get, and we know he will be dazzling.

Brian Kim ’14, Alex Sardanis ’13, and Ja-Hon Wang ’13 all shocked the campus with their cuffed blue shorts as rays of sunshine struck beautifully on their legs. Aside from the shorts, the trio donned striped dress shirts, paired with sharp solid ties.

Walking chicly around campus, Cherry Zhang ’13 put us in awe with her red flats and beige leather jacket. We were amazed by her confidence as she performed cat walks on her way to classes.Sam Yoo’15 was in line with Ms. Zhang as he wore his warming light blue cardigan along with a new pair of gray Toms. Keep it up!

Your loving fashionistas,

Brian Kim and Harrison Byers


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