Exonians! Hi. My name is Austin Arita ’11. I’m one of the new Trendwatch writers for this year, and I’m super excited for all the cute ensembles that I expect you will be putting together for these winter months. I’m from Manhattan, which if you don’t know, is in New York City, so I’m hoping to bring a little urban style back to the predominantly preppy style we often see at Exeter. So for my first entry, I’m going to offer a few winter related tidbits of advice – this first one goes for guys and girls equally: make sure to set your alarm a little earlier if you’re a morning shower kind of person and give yourself a little time to dry your hair, since it’s always unfortunate to be that person whose hair is thawing all over the Harkness table. Also, on the topic of hair; guys, try out a little hair product, it’ll give your otherwise lifeless hair a little oomph. Or maybe not, rock your own style! In addition, guys, if you’re alone in your room on a cold winter day and have nothing better to do, try looking up new creative ways to tie your tie – for example, it might be worth it to try asymmetrical knots when putting together simple disheveled-look outfits, or try thicker knots when you want to look sharp and elegant. All in all, winter term might be a little hard to look good, but girl, you need to try… at least a little. Of course, we are at Exeter, so it’s not unforgivable if you look like a mess for the next eight days. A few comments on the outfits we’ve seen so far this term:

This week Alexa Liautaud ’12 and Alex Sardanis ’13’s fashionable and charitable bracelets caught our attention at the ESSO Global Bazaar.
    West African Drumming’s sashes and ethnic hats set the stage for a festive Holiday Concert. The Holiday Concert, featuring all of the performing musical groups on campus, is the biggest music event of the year (especially if you’re over 55 and live in the Greater Exeter Community). 
     We’d like to give a special shout out to the Fall Dance Company, especially the captains Valerie Zhao ’11, Devika Bodas ’11, and Celine Collis ’11. It was their last dance concert at PEA and they left with a bang. We particularly liked their simple yellow costumes for their Yellow dance routine.  
        We’ve been dying to mention Caroline Webster ’11 and now that she no longer writes for the Exonian, we finally can. She wore a crimson/maroon dress, French rain boots, and was seen writing with a candy cane pen in class.

Jin Lee ‘11 pulled a Lady GaGa and surprised us by showing up to Wentworth Bash in his gas mask. He’s also seen around Cilley in an army bucket helmet, perhaps preparing for his ascendancy as the self-proclaimed son of Kim Jong Il.
    Jacobi Bolton ‘12, affectionately known as JaCoCo, is a Trendwatch mainstay. We could write a novel about all of her cute ensembles, so just check her out if you see her around. 
     The always angelic Diederique Van der Knaap ’14, or better known as Dida, has been rocking adorable winter wear, most notably her snow boots. Julie Moon ’13 has also been seen with an adorable capelet that is perfectly winter appropriate. 
    Fashion faux-pas myth buster: For those of you trying to get Vitamin D during these winter months by going to the tanning salon, you’re getting cancer instead. Eat Vitamin D gummies instead. They’re tasty and safe. 
      And finally, a shout out to The Massachusetts Institute of Technology for being fashionably late in informing early decision applicants when they’ll get their decisions.



Austin, Cornelia, Rebecca, and Steven


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